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  • 00:32 Seville city centre

    Seville city centre

    by Girvan Added 34 Views / Likes

    Is there a better place to be than Seville on warm sunny day?

  • 00:22 Seville cathedral

    Seville cathedral

    by Girvan Added 42 Views / Likes

    A view of the square around Saveille\' Cathedral, with its famous Giralda tower. Like many cathedrals in Andalucia, it used to be a mosque in the 12thC, in Moorish Al-Andalus (later Andalucia).

  • 01:49 Seville river boat ride

    Seville river boat ride

    by Girvan Added 56 Views / Likes

    A boat ride along the Guadalquivir River in Seville, taking in the Torre del Oro and the Palacio San Telmo.

  • 00:21 Bordeaux city centre

    Bordeaux city centre

    by Girvan Added 81 Views / Likes

    Central Bordeaux, September 2019

  • 00:41 Bordeaux by the river

    Bordeaux by the river

    by Girvan Added 81 Views / Likes

    On the promenade by the river in Bordeaux

  • 00:30 Girvan, Ayrshire

    Girvan, Ayrshire

    by Girvan Added 91 Views / Likes

    Standing atop a wind-swept hill, looking out over Girvan and the Scottish coast.

  • 00:35 Gdansk by night

    Gdansk by night

    by Girvan Added 76 Views / Likes

    It's pretty dark. ;)

  • 01:12 Gdansk old town

    Gdansk old town

    by Girvan Added 112 Views / Likes

    Walking along Gdansk's old town streets

  • 01:06 Southsea Common

    Southsea Common

    by Girvan Added 73 Views / Likes

    A bright day at Southsea


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