Video guidelines

So that we can be true to our purpose and offer our users a genuine experience of the world, we are asking all videos to adhere to certain basic guidelines:

  1. They must be your own - no recycling what's already out there
  2. They should show what it's really like to walk along a path, or a street, as if the viewer was there by your side. Cycling is also fine.
  3. Panoramic shots, or a combination of both, are also fine. The aim is to provide a genuine experience of a place.
  4. There must be no commentary - just the sights and sounds of what it's really like to walk down that path or street. 
  5. No chatter in the background, eg between you and people who may be with you while you walk.

Top Tips:


* Your videos should be of places, not people. Please be sensitive to the privacy of those who may appear in your videos, who may or may not realise that you are filming. In particular, we don’t want to overhear private conversations or see people in unflattering situations. We may remove videos at our discretion, if necessary.