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We’re a values-based online community exclusively dedicated to the free sharing of user-generated videos of what it’s actually like to experience the world around us – whether that’s by walking, cycling or doing outdoor activities.

Experience the sights and sounds of places you might never see. Discover places you’ve never heard of. Share what it’s like to walk down your childhood streets. Experience someone else’s.

Above all, join us and be part of a truly global community that’s dedicated to celebrating the beauty of our wonderfully varied world with each other, no frills attached.

Join us in celebrating the world.

Facebook, Cambridge Analytica… and Hippocrates

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Facebook, Cambridge Analytica… and Hippocrates
Pixar’s Wall-E is one of the most prescient films you’ll ever see. Having literally trashed Planet Earth, humanity’s home is now a private company spaceship run by a HAL-like computer whose occupants have become so hooked on their comfor...

We're proud to partner with the Family Holiday Association

The Family Holiday Association is the only national charity dedicated to providing seaside breaks and day trips for families coping with some of the toughest challenges life can bring.

A simple break away from home can change the lives of those truly in need. It gives people relief from their stresses at home, a chance to bond, can improve their wellbeing and help create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.