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  • An Interview with... Alan Chua, seasoned traveller and YouTuber

    Photo by Alan Chua in Hongcun 宏村 with @supermins. Image may contain: one or more people, people walking and outdoor


    So many people are already taking great videos of so many places all over the world. Today we’re talking to Alan Chua a seasoned traveller and YouTuber from Singapore who’s already got lots of videos of walks to his name.


    Alan, when did you start taking videos of places you've been to?

    I started my video recordings in late January 2019.  

    What inspired to start recording your experiences? 

    It started with a travel problem I faced. In December of 2018, I had arranged to make a trip to Harbin in China and was keen to see what the place was like. Harbin is located in Northeast China and is one of the coldest places, with a minus-20 degree temperature at that time. I had never been to a sub-zero location before, and was keen on understanding how life is like over there. When I did my Youtube research on Harbin, I realised that there was a real lack of videos on how the place is like. Most of the searches that turned up were on the tourist attractions in the region, which was useful, but not what I was looking for. I just wanted to see "what it is like, without any sort of filter or video editing on the location". 

    After my trip, when I went back to Singapore I started to research if such videos existed about my country, and I realised that it faced the same issue. There were highly-edited videos about Singapore and its tourist attractions, but nothing to show what it really is like. So I decided to start recording.

    Why do you think it is important to share an authentic experience through your videos?

    I think it is about letting a person make a decision for themselves regarding the location. I can describe how a location looks like, or how I felt about the place, but I think what is important is how the viewer feels themselves. So I choose to eliminate all commentary and captions, and letting the viewer decide for themselves how they feel about the place.

    What do you want people to experience through your videos?

    I want my viewers to feel authenticity when they see the footage. When they look at it they will know that it is real. There are no gimmicks or attempts to sway their opinions by video editing. What you see is what you get.    

    Do you have any favourite videos?

    I think one of my favourite walking videos is by Rambalac who did a video of Tokyo Shibuya at night. It was a real inspiration to me, and a validation that such walking videos can attract a niche audience, yet reach a mainstream audience as well.  

    As well as taking videos, do you like to see what other people are posting as well?

    Even though I make such videos, I myself rarely watch other creators' footage. I occasionally watch the bigger players in the walktuber scene to get inspiration and ideas regarding their film style, camera movement, choice of YouTube thumbnail etc. But I rarely watch them as entertainment.

    What places would you love to "experience" virtually, if not in person?

    Probably harsh environment locations which makes filming rather challenging (sub-zero temperatures, extreme wet weather etc).

    What do you like most about C4Urselves?

    That there is a group of people who are motivated about sharing the world with others.

    Would you recommend our website to other people? 


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