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Window on the world

...Have you ever wanted to experience the sights and sounds of places you’ve never been to?

...Have you taken a walk on a beautiful day, and wished you could share the experience with others?

C4Urselves is an ethical community exclusively dedicated to celebrating and enhancing our experience of the world as it really is, as captured by people like you.

Specifically, we want to create to an authentic experience of what it’s actually like to walk (or cycle, sail or even snowboard) through a real place.

This could be anywhere: the streets of your hometown, a path through the woods, a place you’re visiting for the first time. What’s ordinary to you could be extraordinary to someone in another part of the world. It could be filmed using the latest gadget, or a simple smartphone.

C4Urselves enables anyone to share what it’s like going for a walk down your childhood streets. It enables those who can’t travel to experience places they may never have even heard of. It allows us all, as a human race, to share the beauty of our wonderfully varied world with each other, and capture it for posterity - no frills attached.


What makes us different?

We are a social enterprise motivated by three things:

  • Celebrating and providing an authentic experience of the world as it really is
  • Capturing the world as it is today, for tomorrow – before it changes forever
  • Helping to drive a revolution in person-centred online communities

Our values underpin everything we do:

  • We are authentic. Our videos are made by real people, in line with clear criteria, with no corporate vested interests and no commentary.
  • We are transparent. We don’t want to know everything about you, we won’t harvest your data, and we won’t sell your details on to third parties.
  • We have integrity. We exist only for the love of sharing with others what a place is really like, from your eyes.

Accordingly, our business model is based entirely on partnerships and sponsorship from like-minded organisations which share our values. This allows us to be true to our word, and to keep the service free for all of our visitors and registered users worldwide

Our promise to you

C4Urselves isn’t just another video-sharing platform.

We want to make the world a better place. We want to use the power of the internet for good, and put it in your hands.

In particular, we believe that your personal data belongs to you, and that online platforms and communities have a responsibility to respect your privacy and be fully transparent in how that data is used.

Unlike other websites, we won’t bombard you with adverts. We won’t even bombard you with requests to send you more targeted adverts. We won’t harvest your data and we won’t pass on your personal information to any third parties, full stop (except where legally obliged to do so). In fact, we don’t need to know anything about you that you don’t want to tell us yourself.

This is our promise to you, and we will stick to it.

Read more in our privacy policy.


Want to share your videos?

It’s easy.

First register as a user.

Then read our video guidelines, including Top Tips for videos.

Upload as many videos as you like. Choose the tag(s) that describe it best, and be sure to tell us a bit about the video, eg where it is, whether it has a special significance to you...

Tell your friends, watch other people’s videos, leave comments, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Each month we’ll choose the best videos to highlight on our homepage and through our channels. This is not just about quality of video, but whether your video has that something which makes it stand out.

We will also regularly feature videos from different parts of the world.

Check out MyMoovie for some useful tips on taking videos using a smartphone.


Who we are 



A lifelong traveller and "citizen of the world", Federico has spent most of his adult life trying to make a positive difference. He has extensive experience of working in the voluntary sector, particularly in the UK, where he has held the position of CEO in several national charities. Originally from Florence, Italy, Federico lives in Hertford with his wife Kerry and their two sons, Luca and Raffaele. He also plays and writes music for the Renaissance lute.


• After James realised he wasn’t going to make it as a professional footballer (he likes to dream big!) he turned his hand to coaching young talent. Helping children learn how to be great team players, the importance of getting fit and having fun in life is why he does this. When he is not pitch-side he is passionate about putting his skills to good use by supporting organisations and projects that he really cares about. James is married with two children and has spent the majority of his career working in the financial services industry, helping customers with creative solutions!


Born and bred near Macclesfield in the UK, Nick has been able to combine his passion for food, culture and travel during his modern language studies and subsequent 20+ year career in the restaurant industry, including spells living in newly unified Berlin and Paris. Married and with two grown up sons, he’s been fortunate to travel further afield recently, exploring different cultures and cuisines in the US and Asia. Not surprisingly given his roots, football, music and spending time with family and friends complete the picture of what makes Nick tick.